RID SWOT Analysis

● Leadership support for institutional research initiatives
● Select competent faculty members express willingness to serve on research
● Select committee members possess essential research skills
● Availability of contract workers, students workers, and practicum students to serve as
research assistants
● ECC readiness to design and implement a research centre to offer services to internal
and external stakeholders

● Limited human resource personnel to facilitate all institutional research needs and to
action consultancy services
● Inadequate data analysis software to analyze findings (e.g. no/limited access to SPSS)
● Resistance from some academic staff towards research.
● Inadequate infrastructural resources (space, computers) with regards to best practice
for Research.
● Inadequate use of data optimally to address institutional strategic goals.
● Inability to effectively mobilise faculty to engage in institutional research to inform
decision making at the School or faculty level.
● Lack of resources such as time, infrastructure, and meaningful rewards to motivate
staff involvement in research activities
● Limited grant writing initiatives undertaken due to competing priorities
● Delays in the launch of the ECC Academic Journal (ECCAJ)

● National Youth Service workers available during the summer (workers could provide
short term employment solutions for institutional research projects/initiatives)
● Availability of Industry Players and tertiary institutions with whom to establish
partnerships (partnerships are likely to result in: students being engaged in meaningful
real life research experiences that will enrich their learning experiences, open
opportunities for students to present their research papers at conferences nationally,
regionally and internationally)
● Availability of donor agencies with whom ECC can partner for mutual benefit
● Partnerships with international institutions such as Niagara College and Hocking
College (partnerships will open opportunities for: 1. continued training and
development of ECC staff and students in emerging research best practices; 2.
infrastructural support; 3. Provide support in facilitating and sustaining a rich research

Macro and micro economic challenges in Jamaica, impacting budgetary constraints

RID Strategies

In order to facilitate the goals and objectives of the RID, the following strategies are

  • Develop a plan of action to foster and sustain a research culture among staff and students
  •  Ensure that all institutional research studies undertaken by the RID are ethical,
    reliable and valid.
  •  Ensure training and development and recruitment initiatives of the RID are equitable
    and fair to all stakeholders
  • Develop and implement best practices in execution and dissemination of research
  • Develop policies and procedures to facilitate recognition of research work of both faculty and students
  • Develop a fully functioning research unit that will offer research consultancy services to internal and external stakeholders
  • Develop a cadre of student-centered initiatives aimed at developing graduates
    competent in diverse research methodologies.
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